Which Indoor Bicycle Trainer Should You Purchase?

Reading a comprehensive indoor bicycle trainer review is of utmost importance if you want to get the right product without losing money. A bicycle trainer is a great choice especially during winters, when it gets darker earlier and specific weather conditions, such as sleet, snow, and winter storms, keep you off the road.

At this time, you are faced with two options: you can either get an indoor trainer or enjoy the “off-season.” Unfortunately, the second alternative comes along with a huge drawback because it can make you lose all the fitness you have built up during the summer. Thus, the only logical solution is to turn to an indoor trainer.

Choosing An Appropriate Indoor Bicycle Trainer

If you want to enjoy riding your indoor trainer, it is essential to purchase a product that feels right. The best bicycle trainer comes along with good road feel, making a difference to your motivation.

Besides this, you should try to get the right type of trainer for your purpose. However, this is quite difficult since most trainers that look and sound great are flawed in their design. So, what things should you take into account to get a good trainer?

To purchase a bicycle trainer that fits your needs, you have to pick a product that has impressive characteristics. This guide will help you analyze several buying factors so that you can find the right indoor trainer for you. This is what you have to know:

Types of Trainers: Today, you can find five types of trainers: fluid, magnetic, wind, rollers, and spin machines.
The fluid trainer is progressive resistant, which means that higher speeds lead to higher resistance. Although this trainer is the most expensive choice, many cyclists prefer it because it is quiet and recreates the most realistic road feel.

Most magnetic trainers offer a linear resistance level, which remains steady regardless of the speed. A few advanced models come along with particular equipment pieces, such as remote adjustment dials, which allow users to change the resistance level.

The wind trainer is an affordable, basic indoor bicycle model. Thus, it provides a truly economical and effective way to train indoors. A main drawback of this trainer is that it is louder than other alternatives. The resistance in this trainer comes from a flywheel fan, which spins up as the rider spins the cranks. This model is also progressive resistant, but with limited options.

Rollers provide limited intensity-training applications especially because the amount of force applied to the pedals cannot be adjusted. These trainers are great choices for warming up or for low-intensity trainings.

The spin machines deliver the most inexpensive trainers available in the market. Unfortunately, these products are unable to mimic the real road “feel.” Furthermore, duplicating the same resistance setting from one session to another is almost impossible.

Portability and Attachment: This is another important factor to consider when buying an bicycle trainer. Two aspects that relate to this factor include fold-ability and weight. Additionally, you should look for those products that come along with a robust attachment, which is easy to fit your bicycle to.

Leveling and Stability: The best trainers are those that have leveling or stability screws, which improve bicycle stability on uneven surfaces.

A Few Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this guide can help you buy a good trainer, which you will use regularly. Remember that the indoor bicycle trainer is the only ally you have during the cold winter months to improve your fitness and get ready for spring and summer.








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